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COVID-19 Response

Our Panhellenic Council and Chapters have been busy working to prepare an unforgettable experience for all of our Potential New Members (PNMs) even as we navigate a world that is experiencing a global pandemic. Due to the challenges and changes associated with this, we are providing as much information as possible. 


Commitment to Health and Safety

First and foremost, we are committed to doing what we can to eliminate risk and promote the health and safety of our current members and those seeking to join our community. While no process is completely fool-proof, we are closely monitoring local, state, and CDC health guidelines as we make every decision. In this spirit, following the recommendations of the NPC, we will be participating in a hybrid formal recruitment. Round 1 will be held virtually over a 48 hour period.  Rounds 2 & 3 will be in-person and will follow all university and CDC guidelines (including but not limited to the wearing of masks). We will also be practicing social distancing throughout the day's events. We are also planning in-person Bid Day activities but they will only be open to new and active members. For more information on what the schedule will look like, visit the Recruitment Schedule page.

Promotion of the Sorority Experience

The CPC at UTM fully supports the new NPC policy - the Promotion of the Sorority Experience. To best attract PNMs, it is important that ALL members of the Panhellenic community promote and advocate for the sorority experience. Even in these uncertain times, we believe in the value and importance of the relevance and power of sorority. This means that active or alumnae sorority members may be reaching out to those they think will benefit from the sorority experience. Don't be alarmed! We just want to communicate with as many people as possible how amazing the sorority experience can be and the amazing lessons we have learned about the true power of sisterhood as it leaves the four walls of the sorority house.

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