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Our Story


College Panhellenic Council, better known as CPC, is the governing body for our Panhellenic sororities on campus. It is made up of 8 executive council officers as well as delegates and junior delegates from each chapter. The CPC is our campus's connection to the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). The UTM CPC echoes the calling and values of the NPC - "We are committed to relationships built on trust through transparency, accountability and mutual respect. Innovation and our core values of friendship, leadership, service, knowledge, integrity and community guide us in fulfilling our mission."

The job of the CPC is to foster relationships between member organizations for the betterment of the community. We plan and host recruitment each Fall. We promote the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, which helps provide education to girls around the world. We provide a place for all 5 organizations to have their voice heard - we then use this information to help advocate for the sorority community with staff and administration.

Simply put, CPC is the glue that holds our Panhellenic Community together!

What is CPC?: About
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