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Why Join a Sorority?

Why Join a Sorority?: Welcome

Let some of our sisters tell you why...


Hallie A.

"Joining a sorority not only helped me socially, but encouraged me to get into leadership positions that will hep me practice and further my future career. Pre-college me never imagined being on Panhellenic and having so many friends. I love being able to go anywhere in Martin and say hello to any woman that's in our sorority community. I found a home away from my actual home in our entire community. All of our women support each other down the row, especially during hard times. Joining a sorority changed my whole journey at UTM and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Why Join a Sorority?: Testimonials

Benefits of Membership

How Women's Only Organizations can Benefit You

There are so many reasons that joining a women's only organization will benefit you! Read on to see some of the major reasons.

Credit goes to the NPC for the below reasons and explanations.


Giving back to your community is a value that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Participating as active citizens to improve both campus and local/state/federal communities is a value sorority women possess.

Member organizations work to instill the understanding and value that good citizenship is important to care for others. Improving the community and volunteering teaches women of all ages compassion and understanding.

Each year, sorority women raise millions of dollars for philanthropic causes and donate hundreds of hours of their time. Undergraduate members will organize and plan fundraisers for national philanthropic partners. In addition, many chapters will give their time to local organizations and create partnerships with them. Civic engagement is encouraged for all sorority women. It's a great way to work with causes you feel passionate about and to learn more about the Martin community.


Sororities are the world's largest leadership development opportunity for women.


Leadership is a huge portion of sorority membership in developing skills that employers will want to see in collegiate graduates. Sorority members are provided with a multitude of leadership opportunities. In fact, sorority is the premier leadership organization for women. Collegiate members hold leadership positions to plan events, handle the financials, organize member educations and more. To prepare students for these roles, there are leadership conferences. At these events, students learn tools to better themselves and their organizations.


The transition to college life, especially academically, is not easy but sorority provides accountability and help.

Having a group of supportive women keep you accountable is huge. This accountability includes a wide range of things including academics. Staying accountable for your academic endeavors is huge when members lose all motivation.


Member organizations have a chapter member who is specifically charged with motivating members academically. While sorority can be exciting, there are times when members must pick studying over attending a sisterhood event, and that can be hard.

Each sorority will have a chapter member charged with keeping members academic accountable. She will be there to assist members and encourage them when they need it most. She will be a support system for tough courses, providing academic campus resources, rewarding successes and more.



You are sisters for a reason.

A huge part of membership is the friendships you have – it's the sense of belonging and a community you belong to. It's about women becoming more than friends – it's about becoming sisters.

Sisterhood is a feeling of purpose and belonging. It is feeling safe to be yourself and speak your mind in a room full of women and still feeling completely supported. It is something women may not always get to experience in their everyday life, and sorority is a space meant to empower women to be unabashedly themselves. 

Still Not Convinced? is a service created by the NPC

Not only does the NPC provide the reasons listed above, they have lots of other benefits and reasons you should join. Click on the link above to see for yourself!

Why Join a Sorority?: List
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