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Formal Recruitment

At UT Martin CPC, we are excited to welcome our Potential New Members (PNMs) to the formal recruitment process. We believe in Values Based Recruitment - a process which allows you to better know yourself and find where you belong - while finding out more about our organizations and what they are all about.

Below you will find our schedule for recruitment and more information about each part of recruitment. This year, recruitment will be August 15-19, 2024!

Wednesday, August 14th
Move-In and PNM Orientation

This is the on-campus move-in day for women participating in recruitment and living on-campus for Fall! Check your email for more information on this as we get closer to recruitment time.

There will be a mandatory Orientation for all women signed up for recruitment the evening of August 14th. We then have a fun social event planned for after!

Thursday, August 15th & Friday, August 16th

This is the first round of recruitment! Philanthropy allows you to get to know each chapter and have them explain their philanthropic work, who they raise money for, and why they are passionate about it! You will visit all 4 chapters for 30 minutes each.

It is split into two nights, but you will only attend either Thursday OR Friday night. On the day you don't have recruitment events, your recruitment counselors will have optional fun activities for you and the rest of your RC group to do to help you bond and get to know the Martin community better.

After you have visited all the chapters, you will be asked to indicate your preferences. You will list your top 3 preferences and rank the remaining chapter. Its important to note that ranking certain preferences does not guarantee that you will or will not be invited back to a certain organization.

Saturday August 17th

Also known as the second round of recruitment, Sisterhood  allows chapters the opportunity to explain what excites them about their sorority. This is your chance to ask them about involvement inside and outside of sorority life. It also gives you an idea of what it would look like to be a member of that specific chapter. During this round, each chapter you are invited back to is required to provide financial information for their own chapter. 

For this round, you could be invited back to up to 3 chapters. However, it is important to understand that not receiving invitations from all 3 chapters is normal. Each party will be 45 minutes long and allows for more in-depth conversations between you and the chapter members. 

Once you have attended all of your events for the day, you will list your top 2 preferences and rank the remaining (based on the number of events you attended). It is important to note that ranking certain preferences does not guarantee that you will or will not be invited back to a specific organization.

Sunday, August 18th

Also known as the third round of recruitment, Preference is a night for active women to explain why their chapter feels like home to them. It is the most formal night of recruitment and is the most serious. This is a special night to the women inside the chapters because it is a sneak peak of their ritual and chapter members will be sharing what their chapter means to them personally.


​For preference, you will visit up to 2 chapters. Each round is an hour long. These events will allow for real time conversations with chapter members, and allow the PNM to ask active women questions about their specific chapter. This is your last chance to ask any questions you might have for the chapter and decide if you could see yourself as a member of the organization.

Once you have attended all your events for the day, you will rank your choices in preferential order. You may only rank the chapters whose preference events you attended, and once you leave, you can not go back and change you rank order. You will also be asked to read and sign an MRABA, or Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement. To learn more about the MRABA and the steps involved in it, you can visit this website for more detailed information! This is a binding agreement and will not change even if you are unhappy with your options.


You also have the right to not sign an MRABA and exit the recruitment process at this time. If you have questions, our CPC advisor Rachel will be there to help answer anything on your mind.

Monday, August 19th
Bid Day!

The final step of recruitment and the day that makes it all worth it! Bid Day is the day you get to run home to a group of women who are ready to welcome you with open arms. Once invitations to membership have been extended, the women extended a bid, attend a celebration hosted by their sorority. The activities during Bid Day will look different from chapter to chapter, but the goal is to be a celebration that welcomes new members to the fraternity/sorority community. Bid Day always brings about a lot of joy and excitement as the initiated members of a sorority welcome home their new sisters. It is a time to celebrate the connections and friendships made during recruitment. (Source) 

Bid Day also kicks off your new member education process where you will find out even more about membership expectations, how to pay dues, the history of your chapter, and so much more.

Panhellenic sponsors a Bid Day celebration that is open to family and friends (more info to come!) and then your individual sorority will hold their own events.

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