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What do I need to register?

​Registration is completely online via a website called ICS. Click on the button above - it will take you straight to the application.

What the form asks for:

  • Name: Make sure you include your preferred name! This way the sorority women know what you want to be called.

  • Student ID Number: Your UTM ID number that starts with 960. Don't know it yet? It's ok - you can find it through your my UTM portal, it's on your Skyhawk card, and we can also help look it up.

  • Email Address: The email address we will use to communicate with you about recruitment. We prefer we use your UTM email as this is how all important information from the school will be sent to you. It will help get you in the practice.

  • T-Shirt Size: We will give you a t-shirt to wear for the first round of recruitment so make sure this is accurate. 

  • Special Needs: Have a food allergy? Need to stay away from perfumes? Need an accomodation to make recruitment more accessible for you? Let us know so we can make sure you have the best recruitment experience possible.

  • Contact Info: A person we can reach our in the case of an emergency. We don't anticipate anything happening, but we would rather be safe than sorry. There is also an option to list an email address - if you want us to be able to send your parent(s) or guardian(s) information about recruitment and how they can help support you, feel free to fill that out too!

  • High School and College Information: Tell us where you went to school, when you graduated, and what your GPA was. This helps our sororities see your academic star shine! Your ACT score is also required. Don't remember what it was? Don't worry - take your best guess and our sorority advisor will double check it with your admissions application.

  • Sorority Legacy Information: Full name of sorority member, sorority affiliation, and University/College attended. A legacy is usually defined as a direct female relative i.e. mom, grandmother, sister.

  • Activity Information: This is where you get to brag about yourself and all the cool things you are involved in. There is a button when you get to this part that you will click and it opens up a little box. It will ask you to indicate the type of activity, name, length of participation, and if you held a leadership role. Fill this out as fully as you can. Not sure if you should list it? We say list it! Any and all information helps the sororities get a full picture of your interests, activities, and involvement. Include any activities or community service you participate(d) in outside of school as well like church, Girl Scouts, volunteering for the local food bank, etc.

  • Digital Photograph: We want to know what you look like! We want a digital photograph, preferably a headshot (no selfies). Senior pictures are great for this. Not sure what type of photo to send in? Reach out to us and we can send you some examples!

  • Short Answer Questions: Recruitment can feel like a crazy, rushed period of time so we have a few questions we want you to answer to help the sororities get to know you better. You don't have to write a novel but we do want you to be thorough. Here are the questions.

    • Describe what you hope to receive from membership in a sorority.

    • What are you passionate about?

    • We want to support you in your dreams and aspirations. Share your goals with us!

  • Resume: In order to help chapters learn more about you and the things you have been involved in, we ask that everyone upload a resume. If you do not have one or need help, the Career Planning and Development office on campus offers free resume help and resources. Check out their website!

  • Method of Payment: Right now, payment will not be taken at the time of registration but we are working on an online option. If you want to go ahead and pay,  cash, checks, and money orders made out to Greek Life NPC may be brought to the Office of Student Life and Multicultural Affairs and given to Rachel Martin or mailed in. More information about this will be provided once you complete the form. You will not be completely signed up for recruitment until the $100 fee is paid.

Other important things to note:

  • There is a $100 fee to participate in recruitment. This covers a t-shirt for round one, snacks throughout the process, and helps cover the general costs of recruitment. We are working on an online payment option but if you don;t want to wait for that, you can pay by cash or check made out to Greek Life NPC. You can either mail it to the address below or bring it by the Office of Student Life during the week.

  • After your application is turned in, you will receive an email from our Recruitment Team. Keep this as it is confirmation you have turned in your application

Two more final steps:

  1. Complete the online Potential New Member Orientation program. This 1-2 hour program helps prepare you for all things fraternity/sorority life and specifically recruitment. This can be done in chunks and on your own time.

  2. Complete the Hazing Prevention education online module. This is located in Canvas (an online learning module that you will use A LOT once you are a full-time student) and our advisor Rachel will send you more information about how to complete this!

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the Fall 2024 Primary Recruitment Registration Form, you can email or you can call the Office of Student Life at (731)-881-7755 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am-5pm. 

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