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  • Personal Information: The online 2022 Fall Primary Recruitment Registration Form is via a website called ICS.

  • Method of Payment: Payment will not be taken at the time of registration. Cash, checks, and money orders made out to Greek Life NPC may be brought to the Office of Student Life and Multicultural Affairs and given to Rachel Stephens or mailed in. More information about this will be provided once you complete the form. You will not be completely signed up for recruitment until the $80 fee is paid.

  • List of Extracurricular Activities, Honors, Community Service, and Work Experience: Please list in the spaces provided and do not put “see resume.”

  • Sorority Legacy Information: Full name of sorority member, sorority affiliation, and University/College attended. A legacy is usually defined as a direct female relative i.e. mom, grandmother, sister.

  • Digital Photograph: A digital photograph, preferably a headshot (no selfies), is required as part of the online registration form. You cannot complete the online registration process without uploading a digital photograph.

  • Resume: In order to help chapters learn more about you and the things you have been involved in, we ask that everyone upload a resume. If you do not have one or need help, the Career Planning and Development office on campus offers free resume help and resources. Check out their website!

  • Video: Because Round 1 is completely virtual, you will need to upload a short introductory video. This video allows each chapter to "meet" you. The topics to cover include your preferred name, hometown, major (if you know!), why you chose UT Martin, what you are looking for in a sorority, and a fun/interesting fact about yourself. Feel free to have fun with the information provided as this is your official introduction to the members of our community. Check back soon as we will be providing sample videos!

  • Academic Transcript: As part of the online registration form, there is an option for you to upload a copy of your academic transcript. This is optional feature and as such, is not a required part of the online registration process. However, it will be required for you to provide your GPA (high school for incoming freshmen; college for upperclassmen) and ACT score.

Upon completion of the online Primary Recruitment Registration Form, you will receive an email confirmation from the University of Tennessee at Martin Panhellenic Recruitment Team. Please save a copy of this email. This email indicates that your application was successfully submitted and will be shared with the University of Tennessee at Martin College Panhellenic Council sororities for the purpose of Fall Primary Recruitment.  

Additionally, each woman wanting to participate in recruitment must complete the Potential New Member (PNM) Orientation online program. This one-two hour program helps prepare PNMs for all things fraternity/sorority life and specifically the process of recruitment. You will get the link to this training in the confirmation email.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the Fall 2021 Primary Recruitment Registration Form, you can email or you can call the Office of Student Life and Multicultural Affairs at (731)-881-7755 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am-5pm. 

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